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About our school

Our school is now the smallest and oldest in the local area.

We are surrounded by local business but have inside our grounds some of the oldest and most beautiful architecture in Western Sydney. We think of ourselves as a family school. A school that takes the very best care of every one of our children. Because of our history and because of our location we now have a wonderful mix of population. We have children at the school who are third generation St Marys, we have rural workers and their children, we have newly arrived peoples from around the world, we have very talented children and we have many families who are in great need of support.

We have an absolute belief that good education makes a difference. We believe that education gives people choices. Every one of our children has the right to the best education that Australia in the Year 2000 can provide. For this reason everything we do is based on a commitment to equity and social justice and a belief that good teaching makes a difference.